5th PCB Design Contest by PCBWay


PCBWay is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturing company based in China with an experience of more than a decade in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication. Their business goal is to be the most professional PCB manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production to work with in the world. It is committed to meeting the needs of their customers from different industries in terms of  quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests.

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PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest

Since the 1st PCB Design Contest, PCBWay had received many meaningful projects, such as educational robotics controller used in education, and solar projects that impact surrounding communities.

So, here is a Good news for you all. PCBWay is organising the 5th PCB Design contest now. So, participate in the 5th PCBWay PCB Design Contest and explore the future together with it!


How to Participate in the Contest

Click the “Participate Now” button on the contest page.

Or create a new project in PCBWay community, click the “Submit project to…” button on the page and select the corresponding theme.

Here you can create an Open Source PCB design, and then share it on public where others can buy it, and PCBWay will donate 10% PCB cost to you for your contribution to Open Source Community.

This contest is starting on the 1st,Sep 2022 and the last date of submission is on 31st, of Dec 2022.

After the submission of you project, it will be reviewed by the experts from 1st, Jan 2023 to  31th, Jan 2023.

And the final result of this contest will be announced on 6th, Feb 2023

PCBWay is also allowing you to choose any one of the three themes to create your project. The three available themes are:

  1. Next-Generation Hardware : This theme includes, Home automation, IoT, wearable projects, embedded electronics or others. You can define the next-generation hardware with your innovative ideas.
  2. Earth-Friendly Project : This theme includes  earth-friendly projects such as solar battery and environmental monitoring machine.
  3. Free Theme : If your project does not belong to either of these above themes, then you can choose the free theme to submit your designs according to your own preference.

Reward and Prizes

Any contest is incomplete without rewards and prizes!!

The first winner of this contest will get $1500 cash along with a $200 coupon and Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-4GB *1 .

There will be 2 winners for the 2nd prize who will get $1000 cash along with a $100 Coupon and Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-2GB *1.

There will be 2 winners for the  third prize and they will be awarded  $500 cash along with a  $50 Coupon and  Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 *1.

There will also be 10 winners for Popular Design, who will be awarded $100 cash along with $20 Coupon and  $10 3D Printing Coupon and Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter *1.

And finally for all the participants there will be participation prize Raspberry Pi Pico *1.

Rules and Regulations of the Contest

Here are some rules that you must have to follow to take part in this contest.

  1. Projects must be original and uploaded or updated within specified time, otherwise the entry will be disqualified.
  2. The intellectual property right of projects belong to the entrants. There are three themes included in the contest and entrants can upload more than one project.
  3. Projects must include PCB design. It is recommended to attach all documents related to the project ( such as bom, schematics, code, 3D design file, etc. ) to let judges better understand it.

Judges of the Contest

Here are the judges of this contest.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of your project will be based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness of Project info: It includes all the details of your project such as project documents, videos, programs, debugging experience display etc.
  • The realization of the Project: This includes the method used, circuit/software structure, program application model, etc.
  • Technological innovation of the project: The challenges the project face and the problems it finally solve.
  • The social value: What impact it will have on society, etc.

This is all about PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest.

So Hurry up guys!! Come up with your ideas and imaginations. Take part in this contest  and grab the amazing rewards and most importantly explore the future with the rapidly advancing technology.