Computer Networking Tutorials


Introduction To Computer Networking

DRex Electronics

What is the Internet

What is a Protocol

The Network Edge

Access Networks

Physical Media

The Network Core

Circuit Switching

Network of Networks

Delay Loss and Throughput in Packet Switched Networks

Comparing Transmission and Propagation Delay

Queuing Delay and Packet Loss

End to End Delay

Throughput in Computer Networks

Types of Protocol Layers


Types of Network Attacks

Application Layer

Network Applications

Network Application Architectures

Process Communication

Transport Services Available to Applications

Transport Services Provided by the Internet

Application Layer Protocols


Non Persistent and Persistent Connections

HTTP Message Format


Web Cache

Conditional GET

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

FTP Commands and Replies

Electronic Mail

SMTP  – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


Mail Message Formats

Mail Access Protocols


Services Provided by DNS

DNS Servers

DNS Records

DNS Messages

Inserting Records in to the DNS Database

Peer to Peer Applications

P2P File Distribution

How BitTorrent Works

DHT – Distributed Hash Table

Socket Programming

Socket Programming with UDP

Transport Layer Protocols , Services and Functions

Difference Network Layer and Transport Layer

Multiplexing and Demultiplexing in Transport Layer

UDP Connectionless Protocol

Reliable Data Transfer Protocol

TCP – Connection Oriented Protocol

TCP Segment Format with Diagram

Network Layer Tutorial

Forwarding and Routing in Network Layer

Network Layer Services

Virtual Circuit and Datagram Networks

Router Architecture

Where Can Queuing Occur in a Router

Forwarding and Addressing in the Internet

IPv4 Datagram Format

IP Datagram Fragmentation with Example

ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol in Computer Networks

IP Addressing and Subnetting

IPv6 Datagram Format

IPv4 to IPv6 Conversion Method

Link Layer

Link Layer Services

Where is Link Layer Implemented

What Does a Data Center Do