6 Ways In Which Blogging Can Help You Get Your Dream Job


Blogging can do a lot of things for you; landing a dream job is one of those.

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We all have heard about the blogging stuff, but hardly have we known that a blog could be used to build your career.

In fact, the truth is that blogging has become a career for most out there & for many it has helped them get their dream jobs as well.

You want to know the 6 ways blogging can get you hired?

Just keep on reading .

1. Blogging helps you understand the products of companies

Everybody, knows what Google  does. But, how does it earn money is known to less. Even the guy who wins quiz competitions will not be able to tell you how Google makes money. On the other hand, just ask any blogger, how Google makes money & he will be able to explain in detail how Google brings in billions of dollars.

If you ask an average guy about the following terms:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Experiments
  • Adsense

you’ll get a blank expression. However, if you ask the same question to a blogger, he will explain you in such a way that you’ll feel that you’re talking to a living wikipedia.

Ask a common Facebook user how to make a status update & he’ll explain you. But, if you ask the same person to build an advertisement campaign for you, you’ll be disappointed. For that, you might need the help of a blogger. Common people know how to use Facebook, but bloggers know more than that – they know how to set up advertisement campaigns on Facebook.

Ask a common person how to sell your e-book on Amazon & chances are that you’ll be disappointed. However, the same is a cakewalk for bloggers.

A blogger knows a lot more about the products and services of tech companies than an average engineer. And that’s because he uses these products and services in his day to day life. He understands how these companies work, and he understands the technology behind these companies.

2. Blogging Builds Credibility

When you write helpful articles on a topic, people start to recognize you as an authority on the topic. You become a goto person for that topic & when that happens you understand that your blog is building credibility for you.

The person who provides helpful advice, is considered to be an expert. And when you are considered to be an expert, your reputation skyrockets and so does your credibility.

3. Blogging keeps you informed about the latest online developments

Did Google just make a big change in its algorithm? How would you know, until and unless you’re affected by it.

The truth is that whenever, Google makes a big change in its algorithm, bloggers are the first ones to know about it, because they are the ones suffer / rejoice the effects of the change.

Not only that, most of bloggers have the tendency to visit to sites like TheVerge.com, Mashable.com etc, which are considered a must if you’re interested in technology.

4. Blogging gets you connected to influential people

You’ll see that most of the top bloggers out there have powerful connections. If they wanted a job today, it would be a cake walk for them. However, the top bloggers generally do not prefer to work for anyone, as a earn a lot of money from their own blogs – hence, they do not need a job.

The point I am trying to make here is that, blogging helps you get connected to important people. And, you don’t have to be a top blogger to build those connections. Once, you start, writing helpful content on your blog, people will start recognizing you. You’ll build an online brand for yourself. And, once you build a brand for yourself, it will become extremely easy for you to contact the right people.

You could just send them mail and ask them what they think about your latest article (you can send a link of article in your mail). If your article, is really good, the person will let you know that he liked it. And when a person likes an article, he starts liking the person who writes the articles.

5. A Blog is Your Online Resume

A resume is used by hiring managers to know about a person. A blog does a lot more than that. It not only tells who you are, but also it proves what you are.

The articles you write on your blog proves your expertise and gains credibility right at the moment.

Say for example, a hiring manager googles your name and lands up on your blog & reads the articles on your blog. Say, he likes them. Then tell me whom would he prefer? Someone whom he had never met or someone whose articles have just helped him?

At some point of time, in your life, you must have realized that you start liking the person whose articles are helpful to you. It happens with me always. And, though I may never talk with the blogger, I still feel that I know the person.

A blog is your online presence. If someone reads your articles online, then that person has just known you for the first time.

6. Blogging makes you a real expert

A blogger has to keep on providing useful content. For that he has to keep on learning more and more about the stuff he is blogging about.

No one will continue reading a blog whose information is not useful. And the fact is that useful information is often a result of research.

It is true that a lot of bloggers do a lot of research before publishing a single piece of content.

Bloggers like Geln , do a lot of research before publishing a post on their blogs.

The result of such extensive research is that, you come to know a lot more about the subject than anyone else out there – In short, you become a real expert.

There are a lot more advantages of blogging,¬†apart from building your career. However, that’s not part of the current article.

I urge all of you to start your own blogs & explore the possibilities of the online world.