Benefits of Using a PCB Assembly Service by ELECROW

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly is evolving day by day and the PCB assembly services are expanding in the market.

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Though many engineers try to etch their PCBs at home it is actually a very messy method and uses a lot of chemicals. The process to design PCBs can also be time-consuming. Hence, an efficient way to simplify the process of designing a PCB is to use a professional assembly service, which will not only help the business to save time but also help customers design highly demandable power-efficient electronic products.

Professional assembly services have a lot of experience in designing a clean and efficient PCB. These designers and engineers can efficiently test PCBs, detect errors and fix any issue in minimal time.

There are so many PCB assembly service providers  in the market. So picking the best yet affordable online PCB service provider is kind of tricky because your whole project relies on the quality of the board you choose.

In this article, we will explore the PCB assembly service provided by a leading PCB company, Elecrow.

Elecrow is a leading company in open source hardware industry which integrates research, development, production and sales. It was started with open source hardware and gradually moved forward to products related to STEAM education and smart home. It also provide a one-stop OEM/ODM solution service for their customers.

Elecrow PCB Assembly Services

Basically, the PCB assembly service is part of the electronics manufacturing process where  electrical parts are mounted on printed circuit boards (PCBs) by surface mount technology and plated through-hole technology.

Based on the different quantities of circuit boards to assemble, there are prototype assembly, small batch PCB assembly, batch PCB assembly and high volume PCB assembly.

Elecrow offers both Single and Double sides assembly and Through hole assembly of the PCBs.

The PCB types that can be used for assembly are :

  • FR4 Rigid Board
  • Aluminum Board
  • Flexible Board
  • Rigid – Flex Board

Why to Choose Elecrow ?

Great Quality: Ensuring the quality of the PCBA is their core concern. Elecrow has a mature system such as ISO9001 certified procedure, and various testing methods to ensure manufacturing your PCBA with high quality.

Functional testing: Functional testing is necessary for lowering the defective rate of the PCBA. Elecroe offers free functional testing service for orders over $2000 and the testing time is no more than 1 minnute for each unit. With the testing, you can receive 100% QC passed boards, that will save you a lot of time and money.

Customer Satisfaction: Elecrow value its customers by satisfying them with its services. They constantly keep the customer informed about the project or order until it is finished. They will arrange a dedicated project manager to assist you throughout your project. It also offers refund or remake if any mistake at their end result in your loss.

How to Order at Elecrow?

The following is the order flowchart of  PCB assembly.

In the first step you need to send the following information to
1. PCB Gerber files.
2. BOM of your project.
3. Quantity and PCB specification.
4. Parts mapping for soldering with parts machine, or a simple mapping for hand soldering.
5. Coordinate file for machine pick up parts.
6. Your specific requirements, or some tips you want to share with us to avoid mistakes.
7. Testing Plan.
8. Your shipping address and shipping method you want, DHL/FedEx/OCS/registered air mail supported.

After this you will get the response along with the quote within 24Hrs. Then you can just confirm and place your order.

After getting the order Elecrow will start the production process.

After production, the product undergoes the quality control process which includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Flashing and Functional testing
  • Customer checking the image of the board

After the product pass all these quality checking steps, finally it will be packed in anti-static bags and will be shipped.

Elecrow Mechanical Keyboard Special Promotion 2022

Elecrow is offering a special Mechanical keyboard promotion between 17th November to 17th December 2022.

The followings are some exciting offers that you can avail:

  • FREE Mechanical keyboards assembly service: Free Assembly Cost for Mechanical keyboards PCB orders≤50 pcs and 50% off discount for PCBA order quantity>50 pcs
  • 3D printing mechanical keyboard cases at $1: $1 for Weight ≤ 10g or Quantity ≤ 5 pcs and 50% off for Weight >10g or Quantity>5 pcs. This offer is only applicable for  material Photosensitive resin (domestic 9400).
  • Acrylic mechanical keyboard laser cutting services starting from $1: $1 for ≤10 pcs or Size ≤15*15 or Thickness 2~3mm and 50% off for >10 pcs or Size >15*15 or Thickness >3mm. This offer is only applicable for transparent acrylic material.


This article recommends a reliable PCB assembly services provider, Elecrow. If you are looking for PCB quality and economical services for your company, research institute, or for your own business, contact Elecrow and get a quote now.