Best and Affordable PCB Assembly Service by JLCPCB

If you are an electronics engineer, student or hobbyists then you must have heard of PCBs. To design your project you need PCBs to connect a number of electronic components together.

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JLCPCBUsually people prefer to order PCBs online as it saves their time and helps them focus other important features of a project.

In this article, we will explore the PCB assembly service provided by a leading PCB company, JLCPCB.

JLCPCB has become a leading global PCB manufacturer with over 15-year continuous innovation and improvement based on customers need. It offers best quality PCB prototypes and PCB assembly service at a very affordable price range.

The price of 5 Pcs of single layered, 2-layered and 4-layered PCB’s is only $2. However, the board size also matters here. For single layer and two-layer PCB (100x100mm) and for 4-layer PCB (50x50mm).

This means you can get a basic PCB just in $2. Though there  is a list of quality of boards, material type, thickness, colour and surface finishing we can choose from and the price will change according to that. But getting 5pcs of PCBs just in $2 is still a steal deal.

Just like the PCB prototypes, the SMT assembly service provided by JLCPCB is also great, durable and most importantly the cheapest one.

JLCPCB SMT Assembly Service

JLCPCB offers both single and double sided placement on the PCB board.

JLCPCB has its own library of assembly parts. It has nearly 350k+ components in its stock. So you don’t have to worry about the components for your project. You just need to go to the library and check for your components.


1. Great Quality products : Ensuring quality and its consistent improvement are the two main guidelines of this company. Their advanced PCB technology provides high precision boards suitable for industrial, military, aerospace, and medical applications.

2. Cost Effective : JLCPCB offer customers the most economic PCBs forever. It makes cheapest but top quality PCBs possibly because of scale effect, extremely high production efficiency and less manpower cost.

3. Faster Delivery : Their easy-to-use online ordering system, professional and efficient customer service, digital manufacturing technology, full-automatic production lines, and stable logistics partners make every step to deliver you PCBs faster.

4. Rules for Geber Files

A Gerber file is a file that you use to design your PCB boards and then send it to a PCB manufacturing company that will create your design based on that file.
JLCPCB supports Gerber files made using Eagle, Kicad, Altium, and Diptrace tools. EasyEDA has also partnered with JLCPCB to provide a free online Gerber file viewer.

5. SMT Stencil Service

JLCPCB has combined PCB design, manufacturing, and SMT stencilling into a single platform. So you can acquire all of your project services in one spot, which is nice and easy to develop projects.

6. Customer Service

JLCPCB provides world-class customer service to its customers. They constantly keep the consumer informed about the procurement process, which means you can quickly track down the whereabouts of a component if you have any questions. If you receive a damaged PCB component, then you will receive a full refund within a day without any  questions asked.

How to place an order ?

For this you need just 3 files

1) Main Gerber file (Contains PCB data)

2) BOM File (Bill of material, component cost)

3) CPL file (Pick and place file- describe orientation of components)


In the first step, be ready with your design (using EASYEDA )and the PCB layout with no errors. Then you have to download the GERBER files. To do this, go to PCB design window and select file, then Generate Fabrication File (GERBER). This will download a zip file with the GERBER files.

Then you will have to click on Export BOM file and Export Pick and Place File. Both the files will be Excel files with the components data and the coordinates. So now you will have the zip file with the GERBERS, the BOM and CPL files.

Step- 2

Now, visit JLCPCB site with the above three files ready with you. Then click Get Instant Quote on the STM Service page. On the first order page you will have to upload the GERBER file.

Once the file is uploaded, select how many PCBs you want and fill up all the required fields.

On the next page upload the BOM and CPL files.

Then, you will get the list of all the components you will have on the PCB . Confirm each one to make sure that each one is the correct component. Then confirm and click next.

Finally, you will get a review of the order and you can see the component placement. Check if everything is ok then click order. Make the payment and wait for nearly 1 week to get your PCB in hand.

JLCPCB now offers Free Assembly for your PCB. So now you can get your PCB manufactured for only $2, and have them assembled from $0.

How to get free assembly for your PCB orders?

Every customer can get $24 Coupons for SMT assembly monthly. After any placed order you will get three coupons($9 + $9 +$6) at the beginning of the afterward month. The SMT coupons can be found in your Account > Coupon section.

When you checkout, just select one $9 SMT service coupon, and the discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

For SMT assembly, prices start at $8 setup fee. That’s to say, the setup fee is free now.

PCB manufactured for only $2, and have them assembled from $0 at JLCPCB