Are You Still Confused About Your Startup Idea?


Getting a startup idea could be confusing especially when you want to start up something for the sake of starting up.

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However, if you take a different route, you will be flooded with startup ideas.

What route is it that I am talking about?

Find a Problem & Offer a Solution

You get that right. I know you are almost tired of listening this advice over and over again. Nevertheless, I will still repeat it because it is worth it.

Startup doesn’t have to be cool to be successful. It needs to address a problem. It needs to fill a gap in the market. It needs to offer something valuable.

Otherwise the world is littered with the corpses of wannabe entrepreneurs.

And I know that you do not want to end up there. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now.

There are millions of problems out there.

You need to find out just one of these problems to launch your startup.

The Most Common StartUp Idea Blunder

Most people out there are wannabe entrepreneurs.

They all want to build the next Facebook, Uber , Pinterest, etc.

That kind of thinking is outright wrong.

Because when Zuckerberg bult Facebook, he wasn’t trying to become like already present in the universe.

He was trying to build something which was not present.

And, that’s the biggest problem with wannabe entrepreneurs. They all want to build something which is already there.

You need to build something that offers a value others aren’t already providing. Only then will your startup succeed.

You need to build something different.


Try to see the world with a new set of eyes. This time don’t try become like someone.

Try to become someone┬áthe world hasn’t seen yet and hence needs desperately.