HDI PCB: Are They Suitable for Your Project?


HDI (High-Density Interconnect) technology has made PCBs smaller and more efficient. HDI PCB is the key to small electronics that need more functionality in limited space. Polychlorinated biphenyls are universal –

DRex Electronics
  • Mobile phones
  • 4G communication devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Laptops
  • Touchscreen devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Military devices

HDI PCB offers many advantages over conventional PCBs. They may be ideal for your project if they meet specific criteria. Today, we will discuss the features of HDI PCB so that you know if it is right for your project.


High Packaging Density

Ideal for projects with space restrictions

One advantage of the high-density PCB is higher packaging density. The boards have more exceptional traces to accommodate more components. You can have smaller boards and also reduce the need for multilayer PCB. That means the council can do the same job with fewer layers.

You will also be able to place more components in less space.

Easier to Mount SMD Components

Ideal for making SMD PCB

Engineers can get more space to mount SMD components with HDI technology. They can also install smaller components expertly. It also eases the process of circuit board soldering. You can also place the parts closer together without any electrical disturbances.

Improved Signal Integrity

Ideal for applications that depend on the signal strength

HDI technology can reduce the space between traces and components. Via in the pad and blind vias also add to tightness of parts. As a result, the board offers high signal integrity. The signals also travel faster between components and layers. There is also high reduction is signal loss and crossing delays.

Low Heat Transfer

Ideal for heat sensitive projects

As the boards are smaller, heat can escape the boards faster. It will keep the board cool even when it runs power-hungry applications. The boards are also less susceptible to stress arising from thermal expansion.

As a result, the PCB provides extended longevity.

Stable Power

Ideal for power-hungry applications

You know how HDI increases signal integrity and PCB performance. The smaller area and fine traces also result in more stable power output. You can also take advantage of lower capacitance impacts and interference inductance. That’s why the aerospace industry and military use HDI technology to the fullest.


Suits diverse needs

You can use HDI for different types of PCB. Whether it’s a copper PCB or a flex-PCB, both can make use of HDI technology. You can use the process to make PCBs for every industry imaginable.

Benefits of HDI Circuit Boards

PCBs that use HDI design also offers many advantages. Check if those meet the requirements of your project. HDI circuit boards-

  • Offer close-knit trace routing
  • Makes routine faster and easier
  • Decreases the need to change the location of components
  • Provides more component space by via in pad
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Decreases thermal degradations
  • Makes silkscreen PCBeasier

Speed Up your HDI Development

Your project can benefit from HDI to a great extent. We manufacture high-quality HDI PCBs with increased precision and professional standards. Get in touch with our team if you need a custom batch of PCBs made with HDI technology. We also provide turnkey PCB assembly on-demand basis.