How The Ball Shaped Camera Panono Works

How The Ball Shaped Camera Panono Works


Ever since hardware entrepreneur Jonas Pfeil first started working on Panono camera, a ball-shaped device that captures photo spheres, back in 2011, the field of 3600 imagery has exploded.

JAK Electronics

The Panono captures photos when thrown upwards, taking the shot of the moment it reaches its highest point . The 3600 images it captures are technically 108 MP, stitched together from the array of 3MP lenses that dot the exterior of the ball.

The camera is about the size of a grapefruit and feels just as heavy. The plastic exterior is sprinkled with small, slightly indented lenses, and it has a rubberized green rim, which provides a better grip. On one of the ball’s poles there is an LED and a trigger button; on the other there is a cap that covers the micro-USB port and connector for a removable handle. The handle is for situations when you do not want to throw the camera; simply attach it and click the button on the grip.