How To Get A Million Organic Visitors To Your Blog Per Month Without Building Backlinks

A Million Organic Visitors Per Month Without Building Backlinks


If you want to get a million organic visitors to your blog, you will have to do something that millions of other blogs are not doing. I am prove you a step by step guide to help you achieve the goal of getting a million organic visitors to your blog per month.

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How To Get A Million Organic Visitors

The process becomes easier if you have solid backlinks. However, if you do not have them, then no problem, you still can get a million organic visitors & I will tell you about the how part.

Write Articles on Low Competition Keywords

Now, that you do not have backlinks, you will have to write articles on low competition keywords. And, when I say low competition, I mean low. Don’t even try for medium competition ones. Forget about loans, credit cards etc.

And try to choose long tail keywords even in the low competition keywords. This will guarantee you first page rankings.

Build Strong On-Page SEO

Since, you do not have backlinks Google will rank your article on the basis of off-page SEO. It will rank your article on the basis of your on-page SEO.

The following is the list of things you can do to write an article that has solid on-page SEO:

  • Use WordPress plugin by Yoast
  • Write each article to be at least 1000 words long
  • Use images and optimize those images for SEO
  • Use keyword in the title, headings (H1 & H2) , meta description , URL & content
  • Put your keyword early in the page
  • Remove links from your images

Write Helpful Content

If your content is really helpful then it collect backlinks automatically, even if you do not build backlinks yourself. And this is not the only reason why I am asking you to write helpful content. It wouldn’t take time for Google to understand if your content is of any help to visitors, if perceives that your content aren’t of any help, then it will demote your posts in the rankings. However, if Google perceives that your posts are really of help then it will promote your other posts. And the only way to make Google perceive that your content is helpful is by really writing helpful content.

Interlink Your Content

No one does it better than Wikipedia . And you should try to do the same.

Over a longer period of time, you will see that some of your pages are ranking in the top three results. Any backlinks from these articles to your other articles is going to boost your internal SEO to a great extent. If you don’t do this then you are going to waste a potential SEO weapon. However, just keep in mind that you link to related content.

Post a Ton of Articles Everyday

If you need a million organic visitors to your blog, then you will need hundreds and thousands of your keywords ranking in Google. And that can only happen if you write a lot of articles.

If you bluntly ask me how many articles you would need to get a million visitors to your site per month, then I must say that it depends on your keywords and the way your keywords are ranking on Google. However, just to give you rough idea, if you have somewhere 7,000 – 10,000 articles on your blog then you are bound to get a million organic visitors to your blog provided  you have followed the other tips I have given you above.

You must be thinking that 7,000 articles is an incredibly tough task. But, the truth is that it isn’t at all. Look, you can get this milestone in just one year, if you publish 20 articles per day. And, if you publish, 10 articles per day, then it will take you two years.

Publishing 20 articles per day seems to be tough task, but if you want to build something like , then you will have to work hard like Michael Arrington. During the initial days of TechCrunch , Michael used to publish 25 articles per day on his blog. The rule is simple dear, if you want something extraordinary then you will have to do something excruciating.

Do Not Give Up

The may not get even a single visitor in the first month, but don’t give up. You might see a few visitors in the second month. You must keep on working. A time will come, and it will come quite soon, that you shall be getting a 100 visitors per day. When this happens, just pat yourself on your back, because you have just achieved a great milestone.

The next milestone is to get 500 visitors per day. It may take 2 months more to get that milestone. And once you get 500 visitors per day, it will not take you more than one month to get 100 visitors per day. Just keep on working don’t give up, because your site is showing you results. It is growing extremely fast and it’s all because of you.

You Will Not Need Your 9-5 Job After 6 Months

If you keep on writing at the rate of 10-20 articles per day, then I must tell you that you wouldn’t need your 9-5 job after six months. Yes, that’s true. And once that happens, you will able to work full time on your site. And, once you start working full time on your site, you wouldn’t believe how fast your site will grow.

All you have to do is working like a machine for the first 6 months.  Life will be damn beautiful after that.

All the best.