How To Solve The Problems Caused By New The Update of Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Problems Caused By The New Update of Yoast Wordpres SEO


Today morning I got a message from Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin that the plugin has been updated to version 3.06. I updated it immediately & then disaster happened.

I could not find the meta field. I was not getting the Snippet view…..Oh God, I just can’t continue I am almost reliving the pain of the moment. To be precise I would say that I wasn’t able to do anything.

I was scared if my site’s ranking would be affected.

I decided to revert back to the previous version. The only problem was that I did not remember what my previous version was.

Used WP Rollback Plugin To Restore Previous Version

So, by using WP Rollback Plugin, I reverted to a previous version. But, the problem was still not solved. I was shattered. I just did not know what to do. It was just me or this was happening with others as well.

Hence, I decided to visit the wordpress page of Yoast Plugin. What I saw there was mind blogging. Everyone was saying just one thing – The New Yoast Update Has Destroyed Us.

This relieved me. At least I was not the only one. So, there was not fault with my wordpress theme or anything else. The main problem was with the update itself.

Finally I Solved It

The problem was solved when I restored it to Version 2.3.5

Now everything is working fine.

If you too are facing similar problems; my suggestion is to revert back to Version 2.3.5 & everything will be alright.