1. What is Jenkins ?

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Ans: It is a free source that can handle any kind of build or continuous integration. Jenkins is a popular tool for performing continuous integration of software projects.

2. Jenkins will be installed on server or clients ?

Ans: It will be installed on server where the central build will take place.

3. What is continous integration ?

Ans: It is a development practice that requires users to integrate code into a shared repository at regular intervals.

4. How to restart the jenkins from the browser ?

Ans: http://localhost:8080/jenkins/restart

5. What is # of executors ?

Ans: Refers to the total number of concurrent job executions that can take place on the jenkins machine.

6. What is the use of the environment variables ?

Ans: It is used to add custom environment variables which will apply to all the jobs.

7. Jenkins stores all its system and build job configuration details as __________ files which is stored in the jenkins home directory.

Ans: XML

8. What is the use of the script console ?

Ans: It is useful for advanced troubleshooting.

9. Jenkins is capable of handling parallel and distributed builds. True or False.

Ans: True.

10. In Jenkins , What is security realm ?

Ans: Security realm which determines  users and their passwords, as well as what groups the user belongs to.

11. What is authorization strategy ?

Ans: It help us to determines who has access to what.

12. What is the use of the CSRF Protection in Jenkins ?

Ans: It is used to prevent a remote attack against jenkins running inside your firewall.

13. What is the use of the security implication of building on master ?

Ans: It is used to protect jenkins master from malicious builds.

14. What is the use of the slave to master access control ?

Ans: It is used to protect jenkins master from malicious build agents.

15. What is the use of the securing JENKINS_HOME ?

Ans: It is used to protect jenkins from users with local access.

16. What is the purpose of using configuring content security policy ?

Ans: It is used to protect users of jenkins from malicious builds.

17. How to protect users of jenkins from malicious users of jenkins ?

Ans: Markup formatting

18. What kind of port uses by jenkin to communicate with agents launched via the JNLP protocol such as windows-based agents ?

Ans: TCP port

19. What is the use of the jenkins cli ?

Ans: It is used to provides a command to install plugins.

20. What is the name of the command which allows the user  to trigger any job or pipeline for which they have permission ?

Ans: build

21. How to install jenkins in Mac-os ?

Ans: Command: brew install jenkins

22. How to run war version of the jenkins file ?

Ans: Command: java -jar jenkins.war

23. After installing jenkin how to access it from the browser ?

Ans: http://localhost:8080

24. How to install lts version of the jenkins in macos ?

Ans: Command: brew install jenkins-lts

25. How to install jenkins in ubuntu ?

Ans: Command: sudo apt-get install jenkins

26. How to access the jenkins console log through docker logs ?

Ans: Command: docker logs container-name

27. What is jenkins pipeline ?

Ans: It is a suite of plugins which support implementing and integrating continuous delivery pipelines into jenkins.

28. What are the two types of syntax in which jenkinsfile can be written ?


1. Declarative
2. Scripted

29. What are the five advantages can users take from the features of the pipeline ?


a. code
b. durable
c. pausable
d. versatile
e. extensible

30. What is pipeline ?

Ans: A pipeline is a user-defined model of a CD pipeline.

31. What is node in jenkins ?

Ans: A node is a machine which is part of the jenkins environment and is capable of executing a pipeline.

32. What is pipeline code ?

Ans: A pipeline’s code defines your entire build process which typically includes stages for building an application, testing it and then delivering it.

33. What is the use of the stage in jenkins ?

Ans: It is used by many plugins to visualize or present jenkins pipeline status/progress.

34. What is declarative pipeline ?

Ans: In declarative pipeline, the pipeline block defines all the work done throughout your entire pipeline.

35. What is scripted pipeline ?

Ans:  In scripted pipeline, one or more node blocks do the core work throughout the entire process.

36.  What is an agent in jenkins ?

Ans: An agent is typically a machine or container which connects to a jenkins master and execute tasks when directed by the master.

37. What is an artifact ?

Ans: An immutable file generated during a build or pipeline run which is archived onto the jenkins master for later retrieval by users.

38. What is core ?

Ans: The primary jenkins application which provides the basic web UI configuration and foundation upon which plugins can be built.

39. What is downstream ?

Ans: A configured pipeline or project which is triggered as part of the execution of a separate pipeline or project.

40. What is executor ?

Ans: A slot for execution of work defined by a pipeline or project on a node.

41. What is fingerprint ?

Ans: A hash considered globally unique to track of an artifact or other entity across multiple pipelines or projects.

42. What is label ?

Ans: User-defined text for grouping agents typically by similar functionality or capability.

43. What is master ?

Ans: It is a central which co-ordinating process which stores configuration, load plugins and renders the various user interfaces for jenkins.

44. What is plugin ?

Ans: An extension to jenkins functionality provided separately from jenkins core.

45. What is trigger ?

Ans: It is a criteria for triggering a new pipeline run or build.

46. What is upstream ?

Ans: A configured pipeline or project which triggers a separate pipeline or project as part of its execution.

47. What is workspace ?

Ans: It is a disposable directory on the file system of a node where work can be done by a pipeline or project.

48. What is  the use of the folder in jenkins ?

Ans: An organizational container for pipelines and projects.

49. What is step in jenkins ?

Ans: Tell jenkins what to do inside of a pipeline or project.

50. What is publisher ?

Ans: It is a part of build after the completion of all configured steps which publishes reports, send notifications.