Q1. OS stands for

DRex Electronics

a) Operating solve
b) Open Source
c) Open System
d) Operating system

Answer : d

Q2. World Wide Web is being standard by

a) Worldwide corporation
b) W3C
c) World Wide Web Standard
d) World Wide Consortium

Answer : b

Q3. A co-processor

a)   Is relatively easy to support in software
b) Causes all processor to function equally
c) Works with any application
d) Is quite common in modern computer

Answer : a

Q4. A Microsoft Windows is a(n)

a) Operating system
b) Graphic program
c) Word Processing
d) Database program

Answer : a

Q5. Which of the following is program group?

a) Accessories
b) Paint
c) Word
d) All of above

Answer : a

Q6. Which is not application software?

a) Windows NT
b) Page Maker
c) WinWord XP
d) Photoshop

Answer : a

Q7.The …… program compresses large files into a smaller file

a) WinZip
b) WinShrink
c) WinStyle
d) None of above

Answer : a

Q8.My Computer was introduced from

a) Windows 3.1
b) Windows 3.11
c) Windows 95
d) Windows 98

Answer : c

Q9.Which of the following is not an operating system?

a) DOS
b) Linux
c) Windows
d) Oracle

Answer : d

Q10.Linux is a(n) ……. operating system

a) Open source
b) Microsoft
c) Windows
d) Mac

Answer : a

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