PCBWay Christmas Big Sales 2023


Christmas is in the air! And it is incomplete without a sale!! Like every year, this year too PCBWay is going to celebrate Christmas with a Big Christmas Sale for all of you.

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PCBWay.com is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturing company based in China with an experience of more than a decade in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication. It is committed to meeting the needs of their customers from different industries in terms of  quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. It offers its customers a simple, no fuss, fast prototyping service.

Engineers, students and hobbyists from all around the world prefer the services of PCBWay.com  for their research work and study as this company makes their R & D work easy and hassle-free.

So, this Christmas Big Sale 2023 is a great time for all of you guys to grab the great offers and discounts from PCBWay.

Here, in this article we are going to explore all the offers that you can avail in the sale from PCBWay. So, let’s get started.

1. Free Christmas Coupons

PCBWay is offering coupons starting from $5 to $200 on your every purchase. You can visit PCBWay site and avail upto $435 coupons on first come, first serve basis. So guys, don’t miss your chance!!

Now, many of you must be wondering after getting the coupons how you will be able to use them. So here is your answer –

How to use the Coupons ?

  1. Each PCBWay account can collect all coupons above and each coupon can be got only once.
  2. You can apply the coupons for all or specific items (excluding shipping).
  3. The coupons will be valid for 60 days only.
  4. Click “Apply PCBWay Coupon” before confirming the payment, choose a coupon and the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

2. Free Prototype for Christmas-Theme Design

If you have great ideas in your mind then this is a great time to make it real. If your design is based on Christmas theme then PCBWay is offering you free prototype for your project. Isn’t it great!! Along with the free prototype you can also get up to $20 discount using this offer.


1. To avail this offer you have to add keyword “Christmas2023” in “Other Special Request” on instant quote page if your design is a Christmas theme design.

2. During the event, each person has three chances for free prototype. Besides, there is also a discount up to $20 each time.

3. The coupon is valid for ONE month, and only available for Christmas-themed orders.

4. All rights of interpretation of the event belong to PCBWay.

3. Special offers and Discounts for PCB fabrication and assembly service

PCBWay is offering some amazing discounts and offers on their PCB fabrication and assembly services in this Christmas Big sales. Stating with a  full feature custom PCB prototype at only $5 to getting upto 60% discount on flexible PCBs, this offer has a lot of amazing deals for all of you.

  • You can get 10 pieces of full feature custom PCB prototype service with FR-4, Aluminium, Rogers, HDI and Copper base at only $5.
  • Get 10 pieces of Surface Mount SMT PCB Assembly services at only $30. In addition to this you will also get free shipping upto $30.
  • Get upto 60% off on  FPC/Rigid Flex with high cost performance ratio, excellent quality and quick delivery time.

4. Upto 50% off for 3D printing & CNC Machining

In this Christmas big sales PCBWay is offering upto 50% discount on 3D Printing and CNC services with more than hundred material options and superfast production time (as fast as 24 Hrs).

CNC Machining: Get upto 50% discount on CNC Machining services and and your parts ready in just 1 day.

3D Printing: Get upto 50% discount on PCBway 3D Printing servicesand the unit starting price is only $4.98. PCBWay has special 3D printing experts to meet all our requirement at industrial grade.

Sheet Metal: PCBWay provides quick quotes and completed parts in just 5 business days. You can avail upto 50% discount on sheet metal  during this Christmas Big sales.

Injection molding and vacuum casting: You can avail upto 50% discount on  injection moulding service. PCBWay provides rapid moulds, production tooling, custom moulded prototypes and production parts within a fast leading time.

5. Unboxing Blind Boxes

Participate in the lucky draw and win a Robot Dog!


1. Time: Ends on Dec 31th, 2023

2. If you are a PCBWayer(who had PCBWay shopping experience before), then you have TWO chances. If not, there is only one chance. And ONE extra chance will be given if you place an order during promotion time.

3. Prizes are sourced from our module store , from sensors to Raspberry Pi

4. After the draw, the corresponding beans will be put into your account to redeem the prize.

4. If you have any questions regarding this you can contact harry@pcbway.com

6. Special Sales

PCBWay is offering a special sales on this Christmas 2023. You can get special discounts on a large variety of  high quality modules. So what are you waiting for!! Visit PCBWay and explore!

Share and Earn Commission

Here is another special offer from PcBWay!

You can share the products in the PCBWay store and earn commission. The commission ratio for sharing each product is 3%. So what are you waiting for!! Visit the PCBWay store now and share.

  1. Exclusive shared link: Each product has its own promotion link. You can share this link with your friends.
  2. Successful transaction: Your friend has to place an order through that link and complete the transaction.
  3. Get Commission: You will receive a commission correspondingly proportional to the order amount.

7. Call For Christmas Projects

Create your project and share it with PCBWay to avail coupons upto $100.


To avail this offer you need to follow the below rules:

1. Add key word “Christmas2023” and all entries will be listed on “Shared projects” page.

2. Lat date for submitting your project is December 31, 2023

3. Every participant will get beans that could redeem modules in PCBWay Store .

4. There will be $100 coupon if your project is selected as PCBWay christmas badge.