PCBWay OEM Services – The One Stop Solution

What is OEM ?


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Basically it is a company which manufactures products, which are then used as components in the products of another company, that sells the finished goods to the final consumer.

DRex Electronics

An OEM undertakes contract manufacturing of components, that allows the other PCB manufacturing company to focus on its core capabilities and processes. The OEM PCB manufacturer always ensures that the final product lives up to its reputation as well as cost effective. By using the OEM service, the PCB manufacturing companies ensure that they do not have to incur increased cost or increase capacity in areas that are not their forte.

PCBWay OEM Service

With an experience of more than a decade in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication, PCBWay is one of the most experienced and trusted PCB manufacturing company based in China.

One Stop Solution

PCBWay has now introduced a complete contract manufacturing service (One Stop Solution) know as OEM service with its strategic alliance partners. This service includes, product design, product development, engineering validation, PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) manufacturing service as well as supply chain management. Which means it is now working closely with manufacturers throughout the whole process to ensure the reduced cost while maintaining the performance. Lower the cost of the product, higher is the demand for it as more people can afford the product at cheaper rate.

In this rapid evolving market, PCBWay makes itself standout by providing one-stop shop solutions to simplify and manage all the complexity at one stop. Starting from early design concept to packaging fully assembled devices that are ready for shipment, PCBWay provides all the services.

It enables the factories to produce the best quality products by using high mix / low volume, quick turn prototyping and NPI services with no limits on quantity. Their operational knowledge across numerous industries permits consumers to reduce working capital in a number of ways. PCBWay excels at taking conceptual designs and transforming them into tangible quality products. It also simplifies the complex process of component sourcing.

Project Review (DFM)

Generally customers provide the required product design that includes schematics, drawings, layout, MCU programs, BOM, PCB Gerbers, assembly SOP and other documents. However, PCBWay also provides joint development services for their customers which includes designing according to the concepts, determining technical parameters, product structure and development cycle.
To quickly promote R&D and mass production PCBWay does the following steps :
  • Set up a special group
  • Reliability analysis
  • Equipment analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Develop quality control
  • Material quality control
  • Sign OEM agreement
  • Sign non-disclosure agreement

Project Approval

Here, PCBWay conduct product reliability analysis and manufacturing process analysis and summarize the customer project delivery requirements.
Along with developing develop quality control, material quality control, it also review the  purchasing demand , project management, quotation and delivery management. And finally the  formal cooperation agreement is signed.
The followings are considered during the project approval:
  • PCB Supply Chain Management
  • Electronic Components Supply Chain Management
  • Mold Supply Chain Management
  • Injection Molding Supply Chain Management
  • Structural Parts Supply Chain Management
  • Excipient Supply Chain Management
  • Sheet Metal Supply Chain Management
  • Hardware Supply Chain Management
  • Packaging material supply chain management


According to the design PCBWay quickly develop the  prototype with 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal, vacuum casting, PCB and the required electronic components. And finally to check the reliability of the design and DFM manufacturability it carry out the core processes such as SMT patch, DIP plug-in, PCBA test, conformal paint spraying, finished product assembly, aging test, etc.
Structural component verification and PCBA functional verification includes :
  • PCBA functional verification
  • Material verification
  • Part verification
  • Product certification
  • Mold review, design, acceptance, mold testing, PCBA functional testing
  • Part confirmation, process evaluation and formulation, component production and procurement.

Small batches (DFX)

The entire production process is developed and the Standard Operating Instructions (SOP) are formulated for raw material distribution, material inspection, finished product inspection, capacity design and order scheduling.
  • System assembly
  • Box build
  • Stencil
  • POP process
  • Burn-in
  • Packaging design and retail packaging
  • TQM- total quality management
  • Electrical/Mechanical engineering support
  • Testing
  • Supply chain management
  • Documentation support

Bulk production

In bulk production PCBWay makes parts, shells, molds, circuit boards and electronic components. It regulates
purchase, patch, process and test and also manages and controls the finished products and assemble materials.
It arranges production lines and track the progress of the project . It checks the actually achieve target delivery and the inventory turnover. PCBWay also regulate the  incoming quality control, and supplier supply capabilities. Along with this PCBWay also monitors the abnormal analysis and improvement of the product quantity test section at the site of sample delivery and verification.
  • System assembly
  • Box build
  • Stencil
  • POP process
  • Burn-in
  • Packaging design and retail packaging
  • TQM- total quality management
  • Electrical/Mechanical engineering support
  • Testing
  • Supply chain management
  • Documentation support


One of the key feature of PCBWay that helped it to gain the trust of its customers is its on-time delivery of the products. PCBWay offers cost effective shipping that deliver the final goods to wherever their customers need across the world via air, sea, and ground.
Although managing global shipping is a complex business, PCBWay’s global shipping solutions allow its clientele to plan and execute optimized operations. PCBWay always ensures that its customers receive their product on time to meet strict deadlines.
  • Product acceptance, signing receipt confirmation form.
  • Logistics planning arrangement, out-of-warehouse planning and arrangement
  • Product out-of-warehouse inventory, out-of-warehouse receipt confirmation

OEM Industrial Chain Ecological Panorama

PCBWay OEM helps the factories to produce according to their customers need. It is using the Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud technology to transform the entire value chain of the electronics manufacturing industry. It also helps the factories to realize centralized order input, provides digital engineering technical services, and conducts highly digital workshops.

To expand the upstream and downstream high-quality production capacity of the electronics manufacturing industry rapidly, PCBWay adopts the “1+N” innovative model of self-operated factories along with the collaborative factories.

PCBWay OEM  helps the whole industry chain to break the information islands and then enables them to achieve interconnection , accurate order distribution and real-time data sharing.

This way it forms a large synergy of the whole industry chain, and provides high-quality electronic products for global electronic brands while maintaining the Quality and on-time supply chain services.

Advantages of OEM Service

  1. Help customers complete integrated R&D tasks faster and better.
  2. Achieve rapid and sustainable development.
  3. Deliver stable, reliable and efficient products.

PCBWay OEM is ready to assist