PCBWay’s 10th Anniversary Tour


Join in the exciting tour of PCBWay’s 10th Anniversary celebration with us.

If you are an electronics engineer, student or hobbyists, here is a great news for you all. PCBWay is celebrating its 10th Anniversary !! So if you are searching for a PCB prototype with amazing discount then here it is.

PCBWay is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturing company based in China with an experience of more than a decade in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication. It is committed to meeting the needs of their customers from different industries in terms of  quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests.

10 years Journey of PCBWay

  • 2014 –  PCBWay was officially established, embarking on its journey to provide fast, high-quality prototyping services in the international market.
  • 2015 – PCBWay launched comprehensive PCB design and SMT assembly services, expanding the offering to cater to the diverse needs of the customers.
  • 2016 – PCBWay community was born, dedicating efforts to advancing open-source hardware and helping students bring their creative projects to life. PCBWay introduced advanced inspection equipment such as X-ray, and ICT in PCB assembly, and obtained certifications including IATF16949, ISO13485, and ISO9001, earning recognition as  a national high-tech enterprise.
  • 2017 – PCBWay underwent a significant factory expansion and upgrade, with the total floor space exceeding 18,000 square meters. Spanish and Japanese team, were set up to offer more convenient service to the global customers.
  • 2018 – PCBWay expanded its office space to 1000 square meters and invested in new equipment, technology, and talent, aiming to deliver even more professional and comprehensive services. It also established a branch office in France to better serve the European market, further solidifying its international presence.
  • 2019 – PCBWay introduces new offerings such as FPCs, rigid-flex boards. This diversification provides customers with a wider range of one-stop solutions.
  • 2020 – PCBWay officially launched 3D printing and CNC services, further expanding the production capabilities.
  • 2021 – PCBWay significantly increased its investment in digitization, successfully transforming from a traditional manufacturer to a smart manufacturer, laying a solid foundation for high-quality development.
  • 2022- PCBWay launched a streamlined one-stop service (OEM/EMS), effectively managing the complexities within the fast-paced market and empowering its customers to excel.
  • 2023 – To strengthen communication and connection with customers, PCBWay actively participated in major offline electronics exhibitions, including Embedded World, Electronica, and Open Sauce, allowing users to personally experience the PCBWay’s high-quality services.
  • 2024 – Over the past decade, the company has accumulated over a hundred patents (including inventions and utility models) and software copyrights. To date, PCBWay serves customers in over 200 countries and regions, with nearly 700,000 customers, a monthly production capacity of 80,000 square meters, and an average daily order processing volume of 3,000 orders.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, PCBWay is offering exclusive coupons, exclusive badge, badge charity sale, lucky draw and many more for its users.

To avail these offers visit PCBWay. The details of the coupons and how to avail these is explained below.

10th Anniversary Exclusive Coupons

For the continuous support of their customers, PCBWay is offering some exclusive coupons as a small gratitude from their side.

  1. Each PCBWay user ID can collect all coupons above, but each coupon can be only got once time.
  2. Apply to all or specific items (excluding shipping).
  3. The coupons are valid only for 60 days.

How to Use ?

  1. To use the coupons you just need to click “Apply PCBWay Coupon” before confirming the payment.
  2. Then choose a coupon and the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Exclusive Badge

Each PCBWay user can get a commemorative badge with a color exclusive to their membership level.

Light Up the Map

Join the fun by marking your location on the map and uploading a special photo between you and PCBWay.

Rules :

  • Once you upload your post, it will undergo a review process to ensure compliance with our community guidelines. If approved, your post will be displayed on the map and accessible to other users.
  • If your content does not meet the guidelines, you will receive an email notification outlining the reasons for rejection, after which you may revise and resubmit your post.

PCBWay Badge Charity Sale

  • To celebrate this milestone, PCBWay has announced their Badge Charity Sale, with ALL proceeds being donated to charitable organizations.
  • Your support will help provide essential resources to those who need it most. Join in and make this event a success and bringing positive change to our community.
  • Every badge you purchase not only adds value to your collection but also extends a helping hand to others.

Participate in the Lucky Draw !

Log in to your PCBWay account now and click on the Box provided to participate in the lucky draw.

Rules :

  1. This lucky draw will end on July 31st, 2024.
  2. Each PCBWayer (who had PCBWay shopping experience before) has TWO chances. If not, there is only one chance.
  3. If you have no purchasing experience before, that means for new users, there is only one chance to draw.
  4. ONE extra chance will be given if you place order during promotion time.
  5. Prizes are sourced from our module store , from sensors to A Palm-sized Robot Dog.
  6. After the draw, the corresponding beans will be put into your account to redeem the prize.
  7. If you have any questions, please contact harry@pcbway.com

So guys, what are you waiting for!! Let’s celebrate PCBWay’s 10th Anniversary, and grab some amazing discounts & gifts.