1. What is Power BI ?

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Ans: Power BI is a data visualization and business intelligence tool that converts data from different data sources to interactive dashboards and BI reports.

2. What are the four components of the power BI ?


a. Power BI Desktop
b. Power BI Gateway
c. Power BI mobile apps
d. Power BI service

3. What is Power BI Desktop ?

Ans: It is used to create reports and data visualizations on the dataset.

4. What is Power BI Gateway ?

Ans: We can use power BI on-premises gateway to keep your data fresh by connecting to your on-premises data sources without the need to move the data.

5. What is the use of the power Bi mobile apps ?

Ans: Using power BI mobile apps , you can stay connected to their data from anywhere.

6. What is Power BI service ?

Ans: This is a cloud service and is used to publish power BI reports and data visualizations.

7. What are the available data sources in power BI ?


a. Flat files
b. SQL database
c. Odata feed
d. Blank query
e. Azure cloud platform
f. online services
g. Blank query

8. What is data modeling ?

Ans: Data modeling is one of the features used to connect multiple data sources in BI tool using a relationship.

9. Which expression is used to create the new table ?

Ans: DAX

10. What is the use of the focus mode ?

Ans: It is used to take closer look at your dashboard data.

11. How to connect on-premise data sources to power BI service ?

Ans: Using a data gateway.

12. What is visualizations ?

Ans: Visualizations are used to effectively present your data and are the basic building blocks of any business intelligence tool.

13. What is DAX ?

Ans: Data analysis expressions is a formula expression language and can be used in different BI and visualization tools. DAX is also known as function language,where the full code is kept inside a function.

14. What are the two programming formula in DAX ?


a. Numeric
b. String and binary object

15. What are the different functions types to analyze data and create new column and measures ?


a. Aggregate
b. Text
c. Date
d. Logical
e. Counting
f. Information

16. What are the two primary calculations using DAX ?


a. Calculated columns
b. Calculated measures

17. How to create a power BI Rest API ?


a. .NET
b. Jquery
c. Ruby

18. What is the use of the power BI rest API ?

Ans: We can create data sets, dashboards, add and delete rows and get groups.

19. Which authentication is used in power BI when a user authenticates using power BI service ?

Ans: Azure active directory

20. In Power BI What are the security level used by azure cloud that includes the following level of security ?


a. Multitenant environment security
b. networking security
c. AAD based security

21. What are the two different repositories used in Power BI ?


a. Azure blob
b. Azure SQL database

22. What is the use of the azure blob storage ?

Ans: Azure blob storage is used for data uploaded by users.

23. What is the use of the azure SQL database ?

Ans: Azure SQL database is used to store system data. Power BI is mostly based on data and network security features available in azure cloud and authentication is also based on azure ad.