The 5 Step Plan To Quit Your Job

How To Quit Your Job The Prefect Way


You need to quit your job in such a way that gives you the maximum advantage. In fact you need to engineer your quitting in an intelligent way.

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Quit Your Job

Many people quit their jobs in a hurry & then find themselves in greater problems. I don’t want you to suffer a similar fate. Hence, I have carved out a 5 step quitting plan that would give you the maximum advantage.

Step 1 : Find Out The Main Reason

You want to quit your job! good. But, don’t quit without known the real reasons, because that would end you up in another dissatisfying job.

Hence, it is very important to know the main reason why you want to quit.

There could be basically three fundamental reasons why you wouldn’t like your job:

  • Is it your salary?
  • It is your boss?
  • Is it your job itself?

Or it could be a combination of the above.

If It is Your Salary

Presence of money may not produce satisfaction. However, the lack of money can cause dissatisfaction to such an extent that it may blur your ability to make wise decisions.

My advice for you is to look for job where you would get a higher package.

If It is Your Boss

I have heard it many times that most people do not leave companies. They actually, leave their bosses.

An unappreciative or nagging boss could be source of disappointment for may employees.

I would suggest you to talk with your boss & let him know that there are certain things, you’re are uncomfortable with.

If after, this conversation, the behaviour of your boss changes, well and good. However, if he still continues with same irritating behaviour, then you should look for a job where the boss is appreciated by his subordinates.

You certainly, wouldn’t switch jobs just to discover a new tyrant.

If It is You Job Itself

Maybe you are overqualified for your job. Hence, whatever you do seems meaningless to you. Under such circumstances, you should quit your current job and join some company where you an contribute some meaningful work.

If you feel that your work is of less value then you will never find satisfaction from doing it.

For a typist the job of drafting letters could be meaningful and valuable. However, if an engineer is asked to do the same job over and over again for years, then the engineer will feel that work he is doing is meaningless.

The whole point is this:

If you are producing below your abilities, then it will cause dissatisfaction.

It will be a waste of your talent and abilities.

Under such circumstances, you should look for a job where your abilities could be put to use.

Step 2 : Make Contacts With The Employees of The New Company

You need a reference to get into the new company. Hence, it is advised to get in contact with some of the influential people there. If you are unable to get the contacts of influential people, try to build contacts with the existing employees.

Try to find out the company culture, package, ambiance etc from the employees. This way you will be able to judge whether or not you would like to work for that company.

Step 3 : Build Your Resume

Now that you have decided the companies. Its time to send your resume.

But, before sending resume it is very important to know how to build an excellent resume.

Try to google, and you will learn how to build an excellent resume.

If you want to work for a tech company, I would suggest you to read Cracking The Tech Career . The book explains in detail how your resume should be built. This book will help you even if you are not pursuing a tech carrier. The purpose of the book if help learn how to get hired by the top companies.

Step 4 : Send Your Resume & Prepare for Interview

Send your resume through any of the following channels:

  • Through a recruiter
  • Through the company site
  • Through an insider contact

Now that you have sent your resume, it is important for you to prepare for the interview.

I would suggest you to read some useful books on preparing for an interview. Just google it and you would find a list of books to choose from.

Step 5 : Quit Your Job Once You Get a New One

This is the where the real action takes place. Its time to quit your job.

But don’t just quit it. You need to celebrate it as well.

You may choose to throw a party or you may spend a week in Phuket.

All the best.