Secret of Learning Electronics From The Founder of Electronics Post


Secret of learning electronics is after all is not a secret at all & you’ll realize this very soon.

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It is not that only a very few people understand the secret of learning . Each and every one of us understands what the secret is. Each one of us has learnt it & used it. However, the problem is that people still think that an exotic secret exists.

Nevertheless, I’ll tell you what that exotic secret is.

The secret is doing it

Yes. You got that right. If you want to learn a thing, then you got to do it.

Reading all that stuff in books is okay, but it can take you only so far.

You want to know how a diode works?

Just buy one from the market and start experimenting with it.

If you’re scared of experimenting yet, then just buy one and keep it in your pocket and see it carefully. I tell you, that still you’ll be ahead of many out there.

Reading about a component and holding one in your hands are two entirely different things.

If you just read about it, you may forget it later. However, if you hold it in your hands and analyze it, you’ll not likely to forget it ever.

Face Your Fear

Are you scared of electronics circuits?

That’s because, you haven’t worked with them yet.

Once you start working with them, you’ll realize that they’re not that scary after all. In fact, you’ll fall in love with them.

Your fear will turn into love.

I am not asking you to build a smart phone right away (however, that seems a cool though). I am just asking you to take the baby steps.

First get a diode or any other electronic component and analyze it carefully.

Then test it with a multimeter.

If you don’t have a multimeter then use the one in your college lab.

Gradually, take up small experiments.

Don’t worry. There are lot’s of small experiments out there on the internet. You just have to google them.

Celebrate your after your first experiment

Yes. You deserve that one.

After the success of the first experiment, you’ll feel the desire to conduct more experiments and a time will come when your friends will think that you’re  a nerd – an electronics freak.

After this, you’ll never ever be scare of electronics.

The exam questions will be a child’s play for you.

You’ll no longer be competing with your college-mates. Your competition will be with yourself.

All the best.