Still Waiting For The Right Moment To Start


You want to build the coolest website in the world, but you’re still not done with the design or the other aspects of it.

DRex Electronics

Hence, you are still waiting for the right moment to start your site.

Let me tell you one thing.

The right moment will never come. And you can never know before hand what will be cool for your website’s visitors.

You will have to learn it the hard way – by testing.

Built It First & Then Improvise

There is nothing like a perfect start. You just need to start in time.

The world is changing at a rapid rate and there is hustle out there. You simply can’t afford to miss the race.

You might keep on lingering for the perfect start and smart guys out there will launch their minimum viable product, test it, improvise upon the feedback and make ton of money.

I know that you have heard about it already – It’s called the Lean Startup.

I am not asking you to start lean (which is actually good). I am asking you to just start.

Because, you never know until you start.

The First Step is The Most Difficult Step

I understand how it feels to take it first step. It can be scary as hell at times. But all have to take that first step.

We just can’t keep on waiting till everything is lined up fine and all the stars are in alignment waiting for us to press the button.

No buddy, it doesn’t work that way.

It will never be perfect. It will always be in the testing mode.

Yahoo thought it was perfect and hence didn’t need to change. However, Google still keeps on working hard to find out areas where it can improve itself.

I will now summarize everything.

You need to start now, gather feedback , improvise and then test again.

It is a never ending process.

All the best.