What IS Bubble Power & How Is Bubble Power Derived From Sonofusion Technology

What Is Bubble Power


Bubble power is a method of generating energy . It works under the principle of sonofusion , which is technically known as acoustic inertial confinement fusion .

How Is Bubble Power Derived From Sonofusion Technology

It is derived from a related phenomenon, sonoluminescence , where a source of sound, which is attached to a liquid-filled flask, sends pressure waves through the fluid, exciting the motion of tiny gas bubbles. The bubbles periodically grow and collapse due to extreme temperatures inside the bubble, producing visible flashes of light that last less than 50 picoseconds.

Chemical reactions occur during cavitations of a single, isolated bubble and yield photons, radicals and ions. That means, gas bubbles in a liquid can convert sound energy into light. For several years the sonofusion research teams from various organizations have joined forces to create acoustic fusion (AFTEC) to promote the development of sonofusion. Sonofusion may one day become a revolutionary source of energy.