What Is The Watercooler Category In Mashable

Watercooler Category In Mashable


Watercooler is a category created by Mashable.com to include posts that have the tendency to become viral. How they have come up such a name for their viral category is an interesting story, because it deals with how people used to communicate when they had no internet or telephone connection.

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Today, we all can get all the information we want, or maybe we do not want, from the internet. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it easier for all of us. However, just imagine how people used to communicate with each other when they did not have internet or telephone. I’ll tell you how they used to do it.

During those days people used to gather around ancient cisterns, knows as watercoolers, to discuss all the interesting matters of the day.

Ancient Cisterns Known as Watercoolers

Ancient Cisterns Known as Watercoolers

These cisterns (watercoolers) were their ultimate source of  information. After collecting information from the discussion held near the watercooler, they all used to leave for their homes. And upon reaching their homes, they used to tell others what they heard at the watercooler.

Thus we see that the information gained at the watercoolers had the potential to become viral. Hence, the watercoolers became their ultimate source of viral information. Therefore, Mashable has created a category by the name “watercooler” which shall be having posts that have the tendency to go viral.