What Is A Crystal Diode Rectifier

Crystal Diode Rectifier


The electric power available for transmission is usually AC supply, but most of the electronic devices operate on DC supply. So, we need to convert AC supply into DC. The circuit used for converting AC into DC is known as rectifier . Most of the rectifier circuit which uses crystal diode along with some resistors for this conversion are known as crystal diode rectifier .

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Crystal diode rectifier is basically divided as:

  • Half Wave Rectifier
  • Full Wave Rectifier

Half Wave Rectifier

The half wave rectifier conducts current only during the positive half cycles of the input supply voltage.

The negative half cycles  of the a.c. supply are suppressed. So no current is conducted and hence no voltage appears across the load. So current always flows in one direction (i.e. d.c. ) through the load.

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Full Wave Rectifier

In full wave rectifier , current flows through the load in the same direction ( i.e. d.c.) for both the half cycles of input a.c. supply voltage.

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